Sunday, 13 September 2015

Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser

Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser

What a busy weekend Ms Hampson and Mrs Trolle had organising the Year 5/6 Camp Fundraiser!
It was very successful and we were very grateful to have such wonderful people who gave up their time to help with the Garage Sale.
A HUGE thank you to Di Lamont and also the Churchman Family for all of the time and effort they have contributed to this event (and Toby isn't even going to camp this year!) 
Another HUGE thank you to all the other helpers (parents and students - you know who you are and you were all awesome!) and to everyone who contributed something for us to sell.

Kotuku Cup

Well done to Luke for winning the week 8 Kotuku Cup.  Luke has worked hard at his spelling all term at The Steps programme.  Luke always gets his homework in on time and his listening skills are improving every week.  Keep up the great work Luke!

Tuesday, 8 September 2015

Netball Donation

Thank you to Hayden Stevenson and Tall Poppy Real Estate for the kind donation of a netball for our year 5/6 camp fundraising garage and bake sale this weekend.  The netball will be offered in a silent auction to the highest bidder!

Sunday, 6 September 2015

Snuggle up with a Book Day!

Kotuku Cup

Well done Libby for winning the week 7 Kotuku Cup!  Libby has made a great start in Kotuku class. She is putting in full effort with her homework and school work.  She is always keen to lend a hand with her class mates and teacher.  Keep up the enthusiasm Libby!

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

Making Fizzy Sherbet

Today Kotuku class worked in groups to make fizzy sherbet.  We knew that the icing sugar was probably for sweetness and that the jelly crystals would add flavour.  We found out that citric acid is a natural acid that comes from fruit and is used to give tartness in drinks and sweets.  We thought that the baking soda was probably the ingredient that makes sherbet foam and fizz in our mouths.

Everyone enjoyed making it and it tasted delicious.  We used a lollipop and our fingers to taste our sherbet.  We also found out that the citric acid dissolves on our tongue because of our saliva.  The citric acid and the baking soda mix together and create a gas called Carbon Dioxide.  This gas makes bubbles that foam and fizz on our tongue.