Thursday, 25 February 2016

News report by Holly and Isla

This news report has the amazing story about Poppy's moth and swimming fun. 
                                                        by Holly and Isla   

 enjoy :) 

Swimming fun

Last week we had swimming lessons, we had lots of fun. Here is a quote from one of our fabulous swimmers ollie "swimming was fun but I claim I should be in a higher group because I was ahead of everyone else". Here is another quote from Rosa"they don't push you over your limits". This final quote is from Yonal "it was very enjoyable" by Holly and Isla


Amazing news report on Poppy's moth

Late on Wednesday afternoon Poppy was in happy shock after discovering the biggest moth she had ever seen. Poppy quotes "I am amazed how big it is,even though the wings look really old they are as soft as silk".
by Holly and Isla

Thursday, 11 February 2016


Next week (week 3) we will be swimming each day at the aquatic centre. Our class swimming time is from 12:30 until 1pm.
Make sure you bring:

Swimming togs


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Because we are swimming during school lunch time we will have a break before going swimming and also afterwards.

Welcome to our blog

Hi everyone! Welcome to the Kotuku class blog for 2016. Feel free to keep an eye on this blog throughout the year to see what is going on in our class. Looking forward to a great year!