Topic: Cyber Safety

Our Mini Topic to start Term 4 is Cyber Safety.
This is carrying on from our Keeping Ourselves Safe sessions with Constable Garland but with a focus on keeping safe online.
This topic is designed to help you understand that online activities can have associated risks and to think about how you might protect yourself while online. 
After completing the activities in your NIE booklets and other learning tasks, you will be more able to identify risky online behaviours, know some strategies to keep yourself safe online and know how to search topics in more efficient ways.
Click the link below and have a go at completing the fun quiz to see how Cyber Smart you are!

                                                      Cyber Smart FuQuiz

Kitchen Science Unit - Term 3

This term we will be learning about Kitchen Science.  We have a NIE newspaper resource to help us find out about solids, liquids and gases, freezing and melting.  We will find out how milk, ice cream, bread and popcorn are made.  We will be doing a lot of cooking and experiments this term, which will be lots of fun!  Here are some websites you may want to have a look at . . .

Ice Fishing
Solids, Liquids & Gases
BBC School Science
Solids, Liquids and Gases
Changing Water - States of Matter
Solid, Liquid and Gas Song
What's the Matter? Crash Course Kids

Our school production this term is called "Countdown" and is about time travel.  Mr Phillips has written an amazing script for us to act out and dance to.  Our class is going to be performing the Egyptian time period.  For our topic this term we will be learning all about the ancient Egyptians.

Our topic this term is called "Guardians of the Earth" and will be about the New Zealand native bush.

Here are some links you may like to have a look at:

Kiwi Conservation Club

NZ Birds Online

NZ Plant Conservation Network

DOC Parks and Recreation

DOC Native NZ birds

Many Answers

Science Kids

Science Kids - Life Cycle of a Plant

Here is a movie link about Joan Wiffen called "Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand".  Experts said there had never been dinosaurs in New Zealand but Joan Wiffen had a feeling they were wrong.  She had always been interested in fossil hunting and went searching for dinosaur bones in the Mangahouanga Stream with her husband.  Her discoveries proved the experts wrong!

Lost Dinosaurs of New Zealand

During term 2 we will be learning all about Fossils for our inquiry unit "Memory Bones".  What are fossils?  How are they formed?  What do they tell us about the history of our planet Earth and the creatures of the past?

Here is a short video for you to watch to stimulate your curiosity!

The Science Guy - Fossils

Our Place Topic - term 1

This week we will be visiting Bishop's School and going for an Art Walk around the city.  We will need transport with parents to and from the school.  We are leaving at 9.15 and returning at 12.30. We will experience an old fashioned school lesson to see what education was like in 1860!

Here is a link that will tell you more about the history of Bishop's School . . .


  1. OMG! the trips tomorrow! Today my little brother did the same thing!! CAN'T WAIT!


  2. I really liked our visit to Bishop's School

  3. that was so much fun thanks for taking us to bishops school.:}

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