Thursday, 17 March 2016

St Patricks Day: Irish Dancers

Yesterday for St Patricks day we had a visit from an Irish dance group.
Here is one of their jigs.

Lily and Taylor - Kotuku news

Blog spot news by Lily and Taylor

Top of the morning to y'all and happy St Patricks day to everyone. Today you will be reading two articles about our hearing demos and Irish dancing. Here is the story of us going to Irish dancing: Today before lunch the amazing A Star academy came and performed an Irish jig. Isla quotes "it was so cool and there was some pretty awesome dancers".
by Lily.

Thanks I will hand you over to Taylor

Hello everyone, here is the story of our hearing demos. Today a lady called Gill came and taught us about how to look after our ears. She said don't listen to loud noises if it is over 85 decibels because your hair cells will pop.

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