Monday, 10 February 2014

All About Me Backpacks

This morning for news, some of the students in Kotuku shared the special things they had collected to put in their All About Me Backpacks.  It was fun to see how creative they had each been and we learnt some interesting information about each person that we did not know.  Here are a couple of them ...

Did you know that Sam was an extremely cute baby?  Poor Sam suffered from reflux.  He brought along his number that he wore to the Inter-regional cross country race to show he is a talented runner.  He is mad about cricket.

Rosa brought along a special toy she has had since she was a baby.  She also showed the ribbons she won for atheletics.  She has a DVD of her dancing with her dance group and also some Scripture verses from her church.

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  1. Making a backpack was quite easy, but it wasn't short. I highly recommend them to other classes. you should of seen them! :D