Wednesday, 21 May 2014

Visit to the Museum

Today our class went to The Nelson Museum. The person to teach us about fossils was John. He was also the person to teach us about Nelson's history and he was the "old time teacher." We were at the bottom level, the New Zealand History part. First he told us about fossils and the meaning of the time periods like the Cambrian etc. Next our group went with Maree to look at the fossils at the front of the exhibition. Some of the fossils were 400 million years old! After that we went with Mrs Hill to study which fossil was which. We had to get a piece of paper that says what type of fossil you have and match it up with the all of the fossils below. Soon after that we went with Mrs Lewis to learn how a fossil is formed. There were cards below that we put in order of how a fossil is formed. It was very easy. We also went with Mrs Scott, we drew pictures of ancient creatures. Most of the people in my group drew Icthyosaurs.

By Ceanna and Jacob


  1. Marshall Staniey22 May 2014 at 00:59

    fun trip to the museum

  2. Well done to you all! You were so well behaved and found my activity very easy.
    Mrs Lewis