Thursday, 19 June 2014

Fossil Walk in the Richmond Hills

Today our class and Kereru went on the Richmond Hills fossil walk.  First we walked to Easby Park, had a snack and played on the playground.  Then we set off to reach the hills.  It was hard work and it took a lot of walking.  When we got there we had some lunch and then started to look for some fossils. Most people found at least one fossil.  The fossils were mostly shell fossils and are mould/cast fossils. After that we worked in our fossil notebooks.  Some of the group walked up higher on the hill with Mrs Trolle and Blake's mum.  The rest of us stayed and kept looking for fossils.  Then we walked back down and back to the park for another play.  We had a great day!

By Josephine


  1. Marshall Staniey24 June 2014 at 21:46

    it was so much fun and worth the work

  2. What a fun trip! It was cool finding fossils

  3. Wish I wasn't sick :( looked like so much fun! Well done everyone for finding such cool fossils.