Monday, 9 March 2015

Kotuku Placemats

At Kotuku class we have been working on our placemats that have a Kotuku on it.
Mrs Trolle went for a bike ride on the weekend and she went under a bridge and she saw really cool bird paintings. Mrs Trolle took a photo of them (there was a Kotuku, Kereru, Piwakawaka and a Tui). So for our placemats we were going to paint a Kotuku. We used small and medium size brushes. First we painted the background where we got to choose a flat hill or a steep hill. Next we painted the Toi Toi which is a fluffy sort of plant. After that we painted the foreground which was the Kotuku.
Kotuku class has done a really great job at doing their Kotuku placemats.
Here are a few demonstrations.  

Story and photographs by Autahi and Sean                                                        

This is Alani's
This is Autahi's
This is Sean's

This is Jasmine's

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