Sunday, 8 March 2015

Weetbix Tryathlon

On Sunday some children from Kotuku class went to the Weetbix Tryathlon and they got some prizes!!! Everyone that competed got a medal and a shirt. Lucas and Flynn competed in a soccer game and got some glasses and a cap. After everyone got to the finish line people started giving out water and pouring some on their heads. While the helpers were doing that other helpers were taking photos of you and your medal. After that you finally got to get out. When you were at the exit you got to choose if you wanted a small apple or not. When you start your race you start in the sea for swimming. Lucas, Sean, Flynn and Jasmine swam 100 meters. When you finish swimming you run up the beach and cross the road and run into the transaction square to find your place with your stuff. You put on your shoes, shirt and helmet. Then you take your bike, run to the bike entrance then hop on the bike and go!!!! You have to bike two whole laps which is four km.  Next you run for 1 1/2km to the finish line.

Written by Sean and Autahi


  1. Amazing job sounds like great fun. You all look cool!
    Sandra(Jasmine's mum)

  2. great job guy(hope you get more medals)lucas and flynn you guys look sick
    from autahi