Thursday, 30 June 2016

Week 9 in Kotuku

Play House Play

On Tuesday we went to mass then we came back to school and had sausages and jucies. In the afternoon we went over to Salisbury School to see a play by the play house. The story told us about being careful on our devices.

Our sports day

On Thursday the 30th of June, we had our sports day where we had to dress up in our team colours. The different houses and colours were: Antioch which was  green,  Damascus which was red,  Tarsus which was blue and Corinth which was yellow. The games that we played were tug of war, dodge ball, relay race, gumboot throw, egg and spoon race, monster soccer, sack races and the sand pit dig. There was a prize for the best dressed and Aylish Inwood won.

By Libby and Taylor

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