Thursday, 23 April 2015

ANZAC Biscuits

A  couple of days ago we made yummy ANZAC biscuits and today we are going to write about them.
Jasmine, Agnes, Cael and Mrs Trolle made them.  The ingredients were golden syrup, flour, sugar, butter, rolled oats, coconut and baking soda. Here's a picture of these delicous treats. They were so good!

ANZAC biscuits were made to send to soldiers at war.  They needed to last a 2 month journey on a ship, so no eggs were put in the recipe (as they would go off).  They would have made a nice treat instead of the hard tack army biscuits which the soldiers were usually given.  Some soldiers broke their teeth on hard tack!

If you want to make them at home we wish you luck. We hope you do not burn them.

By Maisie and Cael

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