Monday, 27 April 2015

St Paul's ANZAC Service

On the 24th of April we had very special people at our school. We had the Mayor of Tasman, Father David, head Waimea College students, head Garin College students, R.S.A members and Garin college principal also the Salisbury students.

We welcomed and introduced our guests. Then we read the Ode. After that our class handed out poppy wreaths to our special guests then we played The Last Post on a bugle. Not long after that we sang the National Anthem then Mayor Kempthorne read a speech. It was very interesting. The person who played the bugle was very talented. He was from Garin College. It was not his bugle, it was Toby (from Kereru) great grandfather's bugle.
Logan Spur read the ode out loud. I don't think she even looked at the paper once! I had to try to remember really hard when she started to say it. 

Jasmine got to give her wreath to the Mayor of Tasman. Some little kids went up with Mr Dorman to get the wreath - it was so cute! 

By Cael and Maisie

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  1. Well done Kotuku for your part in what was a very special ANZAC liturgy!